Is 2013 really over?

Life has been a little crazy lately, and so, I’ve abandoned my blog site. I made a decision a few months back to stop trying to sell on Etsy, because it just wasn’t happening. So, I look forward to a more successful year of jewelry sales. I hope to do more craft fairs this year and maybe a shop will be interested in some of my pieces, but that’s a huge maybe. Santa Fe is loaded with artists trying to sell.

I haven’t done much in the jewelry department, but discovered that decoupage is lots of fun. Below are some pics of an ornament I made. My aunt had an ornament exchange at her home. We had a blast. I also made two Christmas ornamental plaques for my mom, but with all the Christmas bustle, I forgot to take pictures of those.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far! You may hear from me again before 2014 is over.


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The first of a three part interview with my artist brother, George Padilla.

My brother has been creative ever since I can remember. He’s dabbled in culinary arts and interior decorating, which cultivated sewing and paper crafts. His creativity has evolved into a culmination of everything that he does. He currently works on canvas using incostics (he explains incostics to dorky me in the video), acrylics, found objects, and paper.

I find my brother to be multifaceted and, like me, he’s mostly self taught in the current artwork that he does. If you can look past my dorkiness in this interview, you’ll find my brother to be articulate and engaging. He’s been a big influence and inspiration to me and I’m happy to present to you his own personal journey with art. This will be a three part video blog. Please enjoy the first video of my interview with my brother, George Padilla!

(Following the video are pictures of his pieces that were hard to see in the video.)

photo 11 photo 10 photo 9
 photo 5 photo 6

Hello Spring!

I’ve been incognito this winter, especially when it comes to posting on this blog. I lost whatever motivation I had to blog sometime in December when I just felt that nothing I had to blog about was really that important. Besides, who would miss me? I’m just another dot floating around in cyber space, right? This blog was an afterthought, one of those, “It’s good to have a blog to drive people to your other sites so you can make money.” Well, let me be honest and admit that my blog is not necessarily a money maker. But that’s obvious.

I see posted everywhere on the interweb people who boast that they love what they do and it’s not about the money. I love making jewelry, but what’s the point of making stuff if it just sits there collecting dust? I want people to love my stuff, too. Besides, I have a huge phobia of hording. Collecting stuff that you find useful and eventually use is one thing. Collecting stuff because you couldn’t pass it up but you don’t have a clue of what to do with it, so you just leave it somewhere and then eventually have to buy storage sheds to keep all the useless stuff; very frightening.

I also hit a creative brick wall. It happened when I was happily hammering some wire for a few bangles. I think I hammered for a total of ten minutes, cumulatively, when the downstairs neighbor came a knockin’ and I opened the door to find a guy shaking like he was just about to be confronted by a prison gang. This is an awful way to explain it, but it’s true. He couldn’t quite get out why he knocked on my door, so I brought it out for him, kindly. I apologized for the noise, assured him that I was wrapping things up, and told him I would try to control the noise in the future. The problem was, I thought I was controlling the noise, as I had chosen a good spot on a surface that would muffle the sound. Apparently not. I also always make it a point not to hammer after 6 p.m. I’m hammering wire, though, so it’s more like I’m tinkering. I guess it can be loud. Continue reading

Japanese Lanterns for the Holidays

This year I made two small lanterns to give for Christmas. The idea to make these stayed in my head for four years! I finally decided that 2012 would be the year I would attempt to construct these lanterns.

I started with four match boxes that were the inspiration for the lanterns. Four years ago I thought that these match boxes were so awesome that I didn’t want to throw them out. Then the idea to make them into decorations came into mind. When I rough sketched what I wanted the final pieces to look like I decided that it would be neat to make them into functional lanterns, not just decorative pieces.

A little jewelry making skills, templates, measuring, lot’s of wood glue, and a lot of caramel popcorn and my mini Japanese lanterns were born! I used battery operated candles to keep them lit. I had two pieces that were pendants and I used those to add weight and interest to the bottom of the lanterns. These were so much fun to make and I was happy to try something new outside of jewelry making. I intend to make more of these to sell on Etsy and my a new e-commerce site that I am selling my jewelry on, goodsmiths. Thanks for reading!

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