Color Conscious or Fashion Weary

Summer multi-gemstone hoop earrings.

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Being somewhat an apprentice at handmade jewelry still, I hadn’t given much thought about researching fashion trends and colors and incorporating them into my jewelry. It would be somewhat pretentious to say that I am an avid fashion follower and can’t wait to get my hands on the latest trend, quite the contrary. I’m just a regular gal sharing my craft with the world. I sit in my lax cotton shorts I purchased at Target, t-shirt I got sometime somewhere, and baseball cap as I type this. But I like to dress up once in a while and accessorize, too.

It also doesn’t take a lot of “research” to know what the color trends in fashion are, right? We do it all the time when we want to add something new to our wardrobe. We have no choice. All clothing stores keep up with fashion trends so we don’t have to, no matter if it’s a high end store or not. What’s my point? Continue reading

Beads I Get From Others

I love shopping for beads, it’s dangerously fun. What bead craft person doesn’t? What I really think is fun is when other people buy me beads. I am always surprised at the generosity of the gift, but am more surprised by the creative purchasing. I typically receive beads in colors that I would probably overlook on my own shopping excursions. This challenges me to create designs in color schemes outside of my creative box. Below are pictures of new bead gifts I’ve received in great colors for Spring and Summer. Also, there are pictures of some of my own recent pick of new glass and gemstone beads. I think I’ll be very busy in the weeks to come.

My good friend GMK gave me these beautiful, faceted garnet beads.

These wonderful Czech and dichroic glass beads were given to me by my brother.  Continue reading