Dimensional Beadwork – Who knew it could be so functional?

I watch a lot of how-to’s on youtube but never work along with the tutorials. Bored last weekend, I decided to change that in an effort to learn a little more about right-angle weave. As always, I like to credit works that aren’t mine, or didn’t come from my brain; the link to the video is below.

The tutorial shows how to make a ring, but I thought the rectangle would look nice as a pendant. The only problem was, the beadwork was a little squishy because it was done in layers, the layers only connected at the outer edges. As a ring, this worked out fine because it allowed the rectangle focal to form to the finger. So, I had to learn cubic right-angle weave which I have wanted to learn for a while now. You see, always new opportunities to learn!

I figured out how to do the rectangle in cubic right-angle weave which made a solid bead structure that, in turn, made a really great pendant. Cubic right-angle weave involves weaving a bunch of little squares in layers to create dimension, but all the units are attached. Some beaders use this weave to make tubes for bracelets.

Yesterday, I was given another great opportunity to donate one of these pendants to a fundraise for a family who lost their loved one to cancer recently. The fundraiser is to raise money to cover medical costs for the family. I donated the first pendant shown below. It has silver glass crystal and rose quartz beads. The second pendant was the one I initially worked on along with the video tutorial, but redid in cubic right-angle weave.

See pics and links below!

100_3910 100_3917 100_3919
100_3935 100_3936 100_3937

Right Angle Weave Rectangle Ring Part 1 of 2

Rectangle Right Angle Weave Ring Part 2 of 2

Beadweaving Basics: Cubic Right-Angle Weave (CRAW)

Loom Work

I’ve been doing some loom work lately.  I like loom work. It’s a pain in the neck to set up your warp threads, but once that’s done, it’s so easy and fun to bead. Bead weaving is a little more complicated than looming, but much less tedious to start. I just love trying new things. Often, when I have a design in my head, it requires me to learn a new technique. That’s what makes this craft so fun to me. I never get stuck just doing one thing. I bounce around a lot in my jewelry techniques, so who knows when the next time I make a loomed piece will be.  I stay motivated when I make what I want to make. Some days that means wire wrapping, other days it means bead weaving.

I use a tray that held a foam ring display in it. I took the ring display out and converted the tray into a portable work space with a bead mat. The pictures below demonstrate how I used the tray for loom work and show the work in progress. I wanted to do something more with the actual design of the bracelet besides the typical geometric designs that are often found in loomed pieces. I wanted to bead a focal within the weaving itself, so I created a window with a random bead pattern within it. I attached some bead embroidery to ultra suede to finish the loom ends and create the closure. I used a snap button for the clasp. This piece was an experiment, and I made it small enough to fit my wrist, which is nice because  I rarely make myself anything!

100_3734 100_3735 100_3736 100_3739
100_3740 100_3747 100_3749 100_3757

Happy beading everyone!

My First Video.

I posted my first video to youtube! It just showcases my bracelets. I enjoyed arranging this video, but don’t really care for some of the new changes in Movie Maker. It seems like you used to be able to do a lot more with Movie Maker. Oh well, it was fun. Check it out and like it (if you have four minutes to spare). Thanks in advance!

Hello Spring!

I’ve been incognito this winter, especially when it comes to posting on this blog. I lost whatever motivation I had to blog sometime in December when I just felt that nothing I had to blog about was really that important. Besides, who would miss me? I’m just another dot floating around in cyber space, right? This blog was an afterthought, one of those, “It’s good to have a blog to drive people to your other sites so you can make money.” Well, let me be honest and admit that my blog is not necessarily a money maker. But that’s obvious.

I see posted everywhere on the interweb people who boast that they love what they do and it’s not about the money. I love making jewelry, but what’s the point of making stuff if it just sits there collecting dust? I want people to love my stuff, too. Besides, I have a huge phobia of hording. Collecting stuff that you find useful and eventually use is one thing. Collecting stuff because you couldn’t pass it up but you don’t have a clue of what to do with it, so you just leave it somewhere and then eventually have to buy storage sheds to keep all the useless stuff; very frightening.

I also hit a creative brick wall. It happened when I was happily hammering some wire for a few bangles. I think I hammered for a total of ten minutes, cumulatively, when the downstairs neighbor came a knockin’ and I opened the door to find a guy shaking like he was just about to be confronted by a prison gang. This is an awful way to explain it, but it’s true. He couldn’t quite get out why he knocked on my door, so I brought it out for him, kindly. I apologized for the noise, assured him that I was wrapping things up, and told him I would try to control the noise in the future. The problem was, I thought I was controlling the noise, as I had chosen a good spot on a surface that would muffle the sound. Apparently not. I also always make it a point not to hammer after 6 p.m. I’m hammering wire, though, so it’s more like I’m tinkering. I guess it can be loud. Continue reading

A Happy Customer

I’m very lucky. Today I sold a very special bracelet to a special customer who sounds like he will be getting a lot of use out of it! I included some dark chocolate covered goodies with my delivery!

This bracelet was one that I made some time back. I added two extra beaded beads to adjust the length. It has jade-colored faceted glass rectangle beads and swarovski crystals. The beaded beads have died magnesite, faceted, fire-polished glass beads, and seed beads.    I hope my customer enjoys this piece!