I love late summer.

Lately I’ve been inspired to take nature pics. I’ve mostly been taking pictures of my Mom’s garden. I’ve been really noticing the bumble bees out lately. I love bumble bees. I think of them as the bear of bees. I use my boyfriend’s old Kodak Easy Share camera, the same I’ve been using for a few years now to take pics of my jewelry. It’s not the latest or the best, but I’m impressed with the quality I get from it. I mostly depend on natural lighting when I use it. Below are some pics of my Mom’s flowers and a grumpy bee that let me snap a few of him before he protested and hovered off.

100_3953 100_3957 100_3946
100_3947 100_3952 100_3950
Bird on stone

Bird on stone

I had this stone in a stash of other stones for a few years now. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It’s not semi-precious, so, at first glance it didn’t have a lot going for it. No sparkle, no shine. I decided to do some wire work but wanted to embellish it to give it a little more life. I saw a tip  in one of my magazines about using Staz-on ink to jazz up stones. The ink is permanent and won’t come off, even with soap and water. So, I got myself some black Staz-on ink and stamped a bird image on the stone. This made all the difference without adding too much flare. It kind of has a Zen appeal to it. The final result is shown below!

100_3924 100_3929 100_3931

This year’s presents for sis.

My sister got some new earrings and other stuff to play with this weekend for her birthday.


Resin with crystal rhinestones.


Handmade paper focals sealed and layered with resin, sterling silver, coral, apetite, and fire polished beads.


Copper bird’s nest with paper bead eggs, wire wrapped with several tiny gemstones, hangs on silk ribbon.

I haven’t had much time to play (make stuff), and I’ve grown weary of Etsy. I think I currently have six items listed on my Etsy shop. I’m looking into other options. It was a bust for craft fairs this summer. I didn’t have the time or the energy to put my all into selling. It was a bummer, but like I told my mom, “You’ll have to drop a piano on my head to keep me from making jewelry.” Wish I had more exciting stuff to blog about, but I don’t.

Pink and Brown Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

I really enjoy this chain maille site. This guy’s work is different form others I’ve seen.

Chain of Beauty

This is a very sweet 2-way byzantine bracelet. At one view, it is pink with brown highlights (see above). At another view, it is brown with pink highlights (see below)!

I love the look of the byzantine chainmaille pattern. It looks complex with rings folding back over other rings. Although I sometimes make more complex chainmaille jewelry starting with this pattern, here, I just wanted a simple chain with a great color combination. That’s the fun of chainmaille jewelry: you can do so many things with it.

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