Bird on stone

Bird on stone

I had this stone in a stash of other stones for a few years now. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It’s not semi-precious, so, at first glance it didn’t have a lot going for it. No sparkle, no shine. I decided to do some wire work but wanted to embellish it to give it a little more life. I saw a tip  in one of my magazines about using Staz-on ink to jazz up stones. The ink is permanent and won’t come off, even with soap and water. So, I got myself some black Staz-on ink and stamped a bird image on the stone. This made all the difference without adding too much flare. It kind of has a Zen appeal to it. The final result is shown below!

100_3924 100_3929 100_3931

Dimensional Beadwork – Who knew it could be so functional?

I watch a lot of how-to’s on youtube but never work along with the tutorials. Bored last weekend, I decided to change that in an effort to learn a little more about right-angle weave. As always, I like to credit works that aren’t mine, or didn’t come from my brain; the link to the video is below.

The tutorial shows how to make a ring, but I thought the rectangle would look nice as a pendant. The only problem was, the beadwork was a little squishy because it was done in layers, the layers only connected at the outer edges. As a ring, this worked out fine because it allowed the rectangle focal to form to the finger. So, I had to learn cubic right-angle weave which I have wanted to learn for a while now. You see, always new opportunities to learn!

I figured out how to do the rectangle in cubic right-angle weave which made a solid bead structure that, in turn, made a really great pendant. Cubic right-angle weave involves weaving a bunch of little squares in layers to create dimension, but all the units are attached. Some beaders use this weave to make tubes for bracelets.

Yesterday, I was given another great opportunity to donate one of these pendants to a fundraise for a family who lost their loved one to cancer recently. The fundraiser is to raise money to cover medical costs for the family. I donated the first pendant shown below. It has silver glass crystal and rose quartz beads. The second pendant was the one I initially worked on along with the video tutorial, but redid in cubic right-angle weave.

See pics and links below!

100_3910 100_3917 100_3919
100_3935 100_3936 100_3937

Right Angle Weave Rectangle Ring Part 1 of 2

Rectangle Right Angle Weave Ring Part 2 of 2

Beadweaving Basics: Cubic Right-Angle Weave (CRAW)

More summertime fun with jewelry

More summertime fun with jewelry

Forgot to snap a photo of the wire wrapped dichroic glass doughnut for my blog post last week. I had to re-work the wire weaving I originally did because it looked like something out of a really bad circus. A little tweeking without losing any of the work was all it needed. I’ve had this glass doughnut for years and was waiting for the right opportunity and skills to come along so I could do this very cool doughnut justice. I almost missed the mark.

I also had some fun this week making small coiled beads. I found these light blue glass rectangles. I put the two together, added a spiral, and was inspired to snap some shots using white sand as the background.

I totally missed the mark on the green stone earrings (for lack of the right name of the stone). I stamped an image onto the stone. It is very permanent, it won’t wash off. One image came out more muted than the other. This was after numerous practice attempts on paper. The earrings are also a little heavy. I try not to make earrings that will take your lobes to the floor. These ones aren’t that heavy, but may need to be turned into pendants.

Win some, lose some.

100_3852 100_3855 100_3832
100_3831 100_3843 100_3845