UFOs . . . and other unfinished objects.

No, not flying saucers. Also known as Unfinished Objects. You know the ones; those projects that sit lurking in the shadows of your creative space, mocking you every time you reach for new materials to begin new projects, “Please finish me,” or “Just hack me up and use my parts for something else!”

They collect dust and sit in canasters and baskets with other UFOs. Maybe you’re like me when you catch a glimpse of a UFO. You shiver and make a mental note to rid of it soon. But then you’re humming away happily as you weave or string or wire your next project. Oh, how quickly we put those nasty creatures out of our minds.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to face these creatures head on! One by one I scissored and clipped and reorganized the materials. I even accomplished completing a UFO. I now feel a sense of serenity and peace.

One of my UFOs, a thin bangle I worked up in brick stitch using czech fire polished beads:

100_3960 100_3964 100_3963

Angel Inspired

Back in May I was able to get two bracelets into the Loretto Chapel gift shop. I was really excited. This little gift shop is located in the premier Loretto Hotel, in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s always good to know there are angels helping us see the light in ourselves. If your ever in the area . . .

100_3782 100_3771
100_3779 100_3778

Loom Work

I’ve been doing some loom work lately.  I like loom work. It’s a pain in the neck to set up your warp threads, but once that’s done, it’s so easy and fun to bead. Bead weaving is a little more complicated than looming, but much less tedious to start. I just love trying new things. Often, when I have a design in my head, it requires me to learn a new technique. That’s what makes this craft so fun to me. I never get stuck just doing one thing. I bounce around a lot in my jewelry techniques, so who knows when the next time I make a loomed piece will be.  I stay motivated when I make what I want to make. Some days that means wire wrapping, other days it means bead weaving.

I use a tray that held a foam ring display in it. I took the ring display out and converted the tray into a portable work space with a bead mat. The pictures below demonstrate how I used the tray for loom work and show the work in progress. I wanted to do something more with the actual design of the bracelet besides the typical geometric designs that are often found in loomed pieces. I wanted to bead a focal within the weaving itself, so I created a window with a random bead pattern within it. I attached some bead embroidery to ultra suede to finish the loom ends and create the closure. I used a snap button for the clasp. This piece was an experiment, and I made it small enough to fit my wrist, which is nice because  I rarely make myself anything!

100_3734 100_3735 100_3736 100_3739
100_3740 100_3747 100_3749 100_3757

Happy beading everyone!

Victorian Inspired Cuff

I had some cameos just sitting around and had a burst of inspiration to make another velvet cuff. I tried my hand at embroidery for the border, set the cameo in peyote stitching, and beaded some St. Petersburg chain for embellishment. Below is the final product.  I won’t give away all my secrets . . . but I started with two lengths of velvet ribbon. Everything is hand stitched. It doesn’t look like much .  .  . but I devoted a lot of time to this piece. I like it.

 100_3573 100_3570

Here are some earrings to go with.


Copper is fun!

I decided to change this . . .


to this.


I wasn’t happy with the way this pendant looked with the silver-filled chain. They just didn’t go together. I swapped the chain out for a hand-dyed silk string that matched the copper tones of some of the beads in the pendant. This piece just looks so much more vibrant to me now.

I also got wrap happy and made some wonderful wire wrapped bracelets. In two of the bracelets I include honey bee paper beads. I oxidized some copper wire and used that to make the wire wrapped chain in the bracelets. I really like these and had so much fun working with copper again!

100_3281 100_3314 100_3326


I thought these looked neat together.