New “about me.”

I recently updated my “about page” on Etsy. I didn’t like the one that I had. It didn’t really represent why I started making jewelry. I avoided the truth, and while I didn’t lie, I tried to sugar coat who I was and what it was that motivated me to create. I was trying to be a hip Etsy seller and compromised a little on my story. I like my new about page a lot more now, and I even added some pictures. What motivates you to create?

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The humble, beautiful surroundings of my native home motivate me to create.

Hello Spring!

I’ve been incognito this winter, especially when it comes to posting on this blog. I lost whatever motivation I had to blog sometime in December when I just felt that nothing I had to blog about was really that important. Besides, who would miss me? I’m just another dot floating around in cyber space, right? This blog was an afterthought, one of those, “It’s good to have a blog to drive people to your other sites so you can make money.” Well, let me be honest and admit that my blog is not necessarily a money maker. But that’s obvious.

I see posted everywhere on the interweb people who boast that they love what they do and it’s not about the money. I love making jewelry, but what’s the point of making stuff if it just sits there collecting dust? I want people to love my stuff, too. Besides, I have a huge phobia of hording. Collecting stuff that you find useful and eventually use is one thing. Collecting stuff because you couldn’t pass it up but you don’t have a clue of what to do with it, so you just leave it somewhere and then eventually have to buy storage sheds to keep all the useless stuff; very frightening.

I also hit a creative brick wall. It happened when I was happily hammering some wire for a few bangles. I think I hammered for a total of ten minutes, cumulatively, when the downstairs neighbor came a knockin’ and I opened the door to find a guy shaking like he was just about to be confronted by a prison gang. This is an awful way to explain it, but it’s true. He couldn’t quite get out why he knocked on my door, so I brought it out for him, kindly. I apologized for the noise, assured him that I was wrapping things up, and told him I would try to control the noise in the future. The problem was, I thought I was controlling the noise, as I had chosen a good spot on a surface that would muffle the sound. Apparently not. I also always make it a point not to hammer after 6 p.m. I’m hammering wire, though, so it’s more like I’m tinkering. I guess it can be loud. Continue reading

An Unexpected Birthday Gift

I had a wonderful birthday a week and some days ago. There was good food, a red velvet cake, and good cheer.

Just celebrating with my three favorite people and some home made food and cake would have sufficed. But, there were gifts, all of them very special. But there was one in particular that I’ve been inclined to share, having finally found the time between then and now.

I present to you, the wallet!

Not just any old wallet, a wallet that was hand made especially for me by none other than my lovely sister. “Big deal,” you say. “People make stuff all the time!” A big deal, indeed!

This is not an ordinary wallet, nor my sister an ordinary crafts person. Oh, she’s dabbled here and there, telling me that she gets bored and moves on. She took up a little water color painting for a few months, took up paper crafts last year for a couple of months.

She says this is the one thing that she’s been most excited about. She’s been secretly going to craft stores to buy materials and other supplies. Continue reading

Mass Production

I went crazy last night after seeing a tutorial on making wire rings. I’ve made some in the past, but Kelly, from Off the Beaded Path, gave me great motivation to mass produce some last night. I had such a blast making the rings and got even more excited when I found that I could use up all those mixed bead stashes I’ve collected. I even put my own “twist” on some of the rings. I made sixteen rings, and I already sold seven, in person! This was just some strange per chance thing as I was not expecting to sell anything today much less seven rings! Guess it’s time to get back to work making more rings. You can see the video here.

Witch Hunts, Fat Albert and Bruce Lee? Halloween rocked when I was a kid.

I was always tearing stuff up and reinventing it when I was kid, especially when it came to jewelry and clothes. I think I got it from my older brother, the youngest brother of four. He was stylish, inventive, and I was so envious that he got to be a teen in the eighties. Hence his collection of Duran Duran, Culture Club, and The Human League records (the list is a lot longer, but I’m rambling). At least I still got to be a kid in the eighties.

I remember one year for Halloween I demolished this glittery, red costume my sister and I had in our closet. It was Halloween morning and I didn’t have a costume for school. I was not going to show up at school without a costume. Most other kids bought there costumes. My mom usually made ours. Not this year. So I was panicking and feeling lost. And when I’m feeling lost, I get creative. Look out.

All I can say is, wow. Whatever it was that I managed to piece together on this All Hallows Eve was . . . well . . . I’ll just say it wasn’t worth bragging about. But let me tell you, nobody else had a costume that came anything close to this one.

But, I was upset at my mom for not letting me wear my prized, glow-in-the-dark butterfly, queen costume. She made it special for me and had the gull to hand it down to one of my cousins. She insisted that it was too small for me. So, I was stuck with my own quick inventiveness, and ended up looking like Elvira on crack. Elvira already looked pretty strung out, so, you can only imagine. I did, however, put my brother’s make-up and hair tips to good use and got some compliments. (Yes, my brother would do wardrobe and makeup for me on talent days for school. And I would turn . . . it . . . out, sister!)

The costume didn’t hold up and was thrown out when I got home from school that day. Don’t ask. I’m sure I was pretending to be Bruce Lee again during recess and karate chopped my fellow class mates and in my delusional, fighting seizure, I shredded my costume.

I remember being a lot more excited than this, I swear. Trick-or-treating always wore me out.

I ended up wearing my sister’s witch costume that evening for trick-or-treating. My mom did my makeup. That usually meant that I didn’t look scary at all, but very sophisticated, in a black costume with a pointy hat. It didn’t matter. That night rocked! The adults, under the teen supervision of my brother, made a witch hunt in our backyard and we had all our neighborhood friends over. I don’t remember in detail, but we had to find clues and there was scary music and really great decorations. It was my brother’s job to take us trick-or-treating and I was disappointed that we missed the Fat Albert Halloween special. Ah, those were the days!

Thank goodness for youtube. Now I’ll never miss the Fat Albert Halloween Special.