UFOs . . . and other unfinished objects.

No, not flying saucers. Also known as Unfinished Objects. You know the ones; those projects that sit lurking in the shadows of your creative space, mocking you every time you reach for new materials to begin new projects, “Please finish me,” or “Just hack me up and use my parts for something else!”

They collect dust and sit in canasters and baskets with other UFOs. Maybe you’re like me when you catch a glimpse of a UFO. You shiver and make a mental note to rid of it soon. But then you’re humming away happily as you weave or string or wire your next project. Oh, how quickly we put those nasty creatures out of our minds.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to face these creatures head on! One by one I scissored and clipped and reorganized the materials. I even accomplished completing a UFO. I now feel a sense of serenity and peace.

One of my UFOs, a thin bangle I worked up in brick stitch using czech fire polished beads:

100_3960 100_3964 100_3963

I love late summer.

Lately I’ve been inspired to take nature pics. I’ve mostly been taking pictures of my Mom’s garden. I’ve been really noticing the bumble bees out lately. I love bumble bees. I think of them as the bear of bees. I use my boyfriend’s old Kodak Easy Share camera, the same I’ve been using for a few years now to take pics of my jewelry. It’s not the latest or the best, but I’m impressed with the quality I get from it. I mostly depend on natural lighting when I use it. Below are some pics of my Mom’s flowers and a grumpy bee that let me snap a few of him before he protested and hovered off.

100_3953 100_3957 100_3946
100_3947 100_3952 100_3950

Is 2013 really over?

Life has been a little crazy lately, and so, I’ve abandoned my blog site. I made a decision a few months back to stop trying to sell on Etsy, because it just wasn’t happening. So, I look forward to a more successful year of jewelry sales. I hope to do more craft fairs this year and maybe a shop will be interested in some of my pieces, but that’s a huge maybe. Santa Fe is loaded with artists trying to sell.

I haven’t done much in the jewelry department, but discovered that decoupage is lots of fun. Below are some pics of an ornament I made. My aunt had an ornament exchange at her home. We had a blast. I also made two Christmas ornamental plaques for my mom, but with all the Christmas bustle, I forgot to take pictures of those.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far! You may hear from me again before 2014 is over.


 IMG_20131215_134511_200  IMG_20131215_134636_627  IMG_20131215_134445_738
To craft fair, or not to craft fair? How to bust ass and make 7 cents an hour.

To craft fair, or not to craft fair? How to bust ass and make 7 cents an hour.

The craft fair I attended this weekend was a flop. After a week of organizing, sorting, and making new merchandise, over 100 items, I was so ready to sell some stuff. I also had to buy a tent and a table. My awesome brother had weights for the tent and had a table to spare. Some craft fairs will loan out tables, but this was an outdoor event, so we had to BOOT (bring our own tents.)

It was sort of an “enter at your own risk” event. It was a first timer for the group that organized the craft fair and weather here is always unpredictable during monsoon season. It could be flooding two miles away and be completely sunny where we were. The craft fair was about an hour from home and set up time was at 7:00. I woke up at 5:00 a.m., was ready at six, and my help (bro, bro’s partner, and sis) were ready to go around 6:40. Bless those that agree to help a crazy crafter in the morning, for she ain’t no saint.

We arrived at this gargantuous, (yes, I no speak English well right now) worship mother ship, place out in the middle of nowheresville. The view was amazing. My brother met my sis and me there to help us set up the tent. Quick aside, there should totally be a brother’s day on the calendar. It was just me and another vendor setting up along with the woman who organized the fair. Hmm, just us two, I wondered. Scary.

I greeted the woman in charge, did some paperwork, and confirmed my donation of one item, a pair of earrings, for a silent auction. I never found out if any of the thirty people that actually came to shop at the craft fair did any bidding at all for the auction.

Yeah, you read that last sentence correctly. I think there were about thirty people in the four and half hours of the event that actually came to shop. I think about ten of those thirty people stopped by my table. One bought a pair of earrings.

A pair of ten dollar earrings.

There is something to learn here. Only do craft fairs that you know have good turn outs and that are at great locations that a lot of people in your city/state are familiar with. Don’t go too cheap, either. Find a middle ground if you can’t front $200 for a weekend event. Shoot for one somewhere between $50 and $100. Make sure that those organizing the event at least put out roadside signs announcing that there is a craft fair happening. Signs help.

This is my set up:


Not very fancy, but I’ve busted ass to get it to look this decent. My brother made the larger earring displays and geisha table runner for me.

This was the incredible view of the Sandia mountain range from my makeshift storefront:


The storm clouds went around us. Too bad there wasn’t like a thousand people shopping, because the weather was awesome.

These are the earrings I sold:


In the end it’s those that always find time to help and support me, like my brother, his partner, and my sister that matter most. Like one vendor said yesterday, “I love making tutus! My daughter is my inspiration.”

That’s what I’m talking about. Peace out.

A late father’s day to my dad.

Happy late father’s day dad. I want to thank you for being the best father you could possibly be. I know we didn’t always see eye to eye and we both had our share of disappointments, but nothing can take away those moments when we shared laughter, music and stories. I was and am proud that you are my father.

CCI06162013_00002 CCI06162013_00003

All those times you took me riding with you in your truck, when we picked piñon, and went fishing, no one will ever take those memories away from us, not even ourselves.

I know I expected too much than you maybe were capable of giving during your time spent here, but your greatest gift was one of everlasting love that you share with me everyday in your new life.

CCI06162013_00004 CCI06162013_00006

Thank you for wanting a daughter and getting two!

Uh oh . . .

Uh oh . . .

Your daughter that loves you very much,