More summertime fun with jewelry

More summertime fun with jewelry

Forgot to snap a photo of the wire wrapped dichroic glass doughnut for my blog post last week. I had to re-work the wire weaving I originally did because it looked like something out of a really bad circus. A little tweeking without losing any of the work was all it needed. I’ve had this glass doughnut for years and was waiting for the right opportunity and skills to come along so I could do this very cool doughnut justice. I almost missed the mark.

I also had some fun this week making small coiled beads. I found these light blue glass rectangles. I put the two together, added a spiral, and was inspired to snap some shots using white sand as the background.

I totally missed the mark on the green stone earrings (for lack of the right name of the stone). I stamped an image onto the stone. It is very permanent, it won’t wash off. One image came out more muted than the other. This was after numerous practice attempts on paper. The earrings are also a little heavy. I try not to make earrings that will take your lobes to the floor. These ones aren’t that heavy, but may need to be turned into pendants.

Win some, lose some.

100_3852 100_3855 100_3832
100_3831 100_3843 100_3845
What’s new for summer?

What’s new for summer?

I abandoned my blog. Not much has been going on in the jewelry world. I’ve had some changes and minor setbacks this summer. I haven’t stopped dreaming my pipe dream of some day having studio space where I can work on jewelry and other projects. For now, I’m a little stumped for creativity.

I have managed to work on my wire wrapping skills. I made the earrings and pendants below.

100_3814 100_3785 100_3793
100_3800 100_3806 100_3797

Loom Work

I’ve been doing some loom work lately.  I like loom work. It’s a pain in the neck to set up your warp threads, but once that’s done, it’s so easy and fun to bead. Bead weaving is a little more complicated than looming, but much less tedious to start. I just love trying new things. Often, when I have a design in my head, it requires me to learn a new technique. That’s what makes this craft so fun to me. I never get stuck just doing one thing. I bounce around a lot in my jewelry techniques, so who knows when the next time I make a loomed piece will be.  I stay motivated when I make what I want to make. Some days that means wire wrapping, other days it means bead weaving.

I use a tray that held a foam ring display in it. I took the ring display out and converted the tray into a portable work space with a bead mat. The pictures below demonstrate how I used the tray for loom work and show the work in progress. I wanted to do something more with the actual design of the bracelet besides the typical geometric designs that are often found in loomed pieces. I wanted to bead a focal within the weaving itself, so I created a window with a random bead pattern within it. I attached some bead embroidery to ultra suede to finish the loom ends and create the closure. I used a snap button for the clasp. This piece was an experiment, and I made it small enough to fit my wrist, which is nice because  I rarely make myself anything!

100_3734 100_3735 100_3736 100_3739
100_3740 100_3747 100_3749 100_3757

Happy beading everyone!

Is 2013 really over?

Life has been a little crazy lately, and so, I’ve abandoned my blog site. I made a decision a few months back to stop trying to sell on Etsy, because it just wasn’t happening. So, I look forward to a more successful year of jewelry sales. I hope to do more craft fairs this year and maybe a shop will be interested in some of my pieces, but that’s a huge maybe. Santa Fe is loaded with artists trying to sell.

I haven’t done much in the jewelry department, but discovered that decoupage is lots of fun. Below are some pics of an ornament I made. My aunt had an ornament exchange at her home. We had a blast. I also made two Christmas ornamental plaques for my mom, but with all the Christmas bustle, I forgot to take pictures of those.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far! You may hear from me again before 2014 is over.


 IMG_20131215_134511_200  IMG_20131215_134636_627  IMG_20131215_134445_738

This year’s presents for sis.

My sister got some new earrings and other stuff to play with this weekend for her birthday.


Resin with crystal rhinestones.


Handmade paper focals sealed and layered with resin, sterling silver, coral, apetite, and fire polished beads.


Copper bird’s nest with paper bead eggs, wire wrapped with several tiny gemstones, hangs on silk ribbon.

I haven’t had much time to play (make stuff), and I’ve grown weary of Etsy. I think I currently have six items listed on my Etsy shop. I’m looking into other options. It was a bust for craft fairs this summer. I didn’t have the time or the energy to put my all into selling. It was a bummer, but like I told my mom, “You’ll have to drop a piano on my head to keep me from making jewelry.” Wish I had more exciting stuff to blog about, but I don’t.