Plum blossom knot earrings with czech glass beads.

I am self-taught in bead weaving, wire work, and chain maille. I have been learning about and creating jewelry since 2009.

I’ve always been a lover of color. I envision vivid hues in contrasting palettes or monochromatic color schemes for my jewelry. I mostly draw my inspiration from the changing seasons. I also draw inspiration from the minutest details of nature, like the various hues that make up the color of a leaf.

I will almost always incorporate semi-precious gemstones in my work. I love the abundance of natural color in gemstones. I also like to combine stones with crystal to add luminosity, and glass to give my pieces subtlety.

The bead weaving stitches I use are right angle weave, herringbone, peyote, brick, cross weave, spiral (flat spiral and double spiral), netting, piqué, and fringe. I like to combine stitches to accommodate the piece I envision.

I also have an increasing interest in Asian knot tying. I have also begun to incorporate some of these knots into my earring designs. The knots refine and add elegance to drop earrings.

I never draw out a design when I create a piece. Many jewelry artists do. I typically envision a piece and the color schemes I want to use and am able to create it.

In the future I hope to work with more precious metals and learn micro torching and other metal smith techniques as well as other bead weaving stitches. I also dream of having my own work studio some day.

I am grateful to all who have encouraged and supported me in this small endeavor. I am indebted to you always,

Alina Padilla

You can find my jewelry for sale online at WhisperingIris.com.

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