Is 2013 really over?

Life has been a little crazy lately, and so, I’ve abandoned my blog site. I made a decision a few months back to stop trying to sell on Etsy, because it just wasn’t happening. So, I look forward to a more successful year of jewelry sales. I hope to do more craft fairs this year and maybe a shop will be interested in some of my pieces, but that’s a huge maybe. Santa Fe is loaded with artists trying to sell.

I haven’t done much in the jewelry department, but discovered that decoupage is lots of fun. Below are some pics of an ornament I made. My aunt had an ornament exchange at her home. We had a blast. I also made two Christmas ornamental plaques for my mom, but with all the Christmas bustle, I forgot to take pictures of those.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far! You may hear from me again before 2014 is over.


 IMG_20131215_134511_200  IMG_20131215_134636_627  IMG_20131215_134445_738

2 thoughts on “Is 2013 really over?

  1. Nice to see you back. Best wishes for 2014 and. I hope the selling improves. I have started selling again and find the market has changed enormously. It’s much harder than it used to be.

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