Mass Production

I went crazy last night after seeing a tutorial on making wire rings. I’ve made some in the past, but Kelly, from Off the Beaded Path, gave me great motivation to mass produce some last night. I had such a blast making the rings and got even more excited when I found that I could use up all those mixed bead stashes I’ve collected. I even put my own “twist” on some of the rings. I made sixteen rings, and I already sold seven, in person! This was just some strange per chance thing as I was not expecting to sell anything today much less seven rings! Guess it’s time to get back to work making more rings. You can see the video here.

6 thoughts on “Mass Production

  1. By the way, Kelly from off the beaded path has some of the best youtube tutorials on beadweaving. She says in this video that she’s not a wire person, she favors bead weaving. I really enjoy her tutorials.

  2. These are gorgeous. I feel inspired and want to have a go. As you know I don’t really rate my wire work, but it’s getting better.

    My joint favourites are the two in the last picture, the green one and the clear crystal. Very lovely.

    I’ve watched the tutorial and I’m going to try making a ring each for the girls.

  3. So, I had a go and it was no where near as good as yours. But that’s to be expected right? My wirework isn’t great and this was my first attempt.

    However, I’ve totally caught the bug. It was so effective I’m going to keep going and I’ll post the result when I have something worth showing. Many thanks for posting this, it certainly has inspired me to try something different.

    • I found the best way for me to get the hang of wire wrapping was to make a bracelet done in nothing but wire wrapping. But if you want to really get some boot camp training in wire wrapping, make a necklace chain! I’m glad you dabbled in something new. When I first started wire wrapping I didn’t really like it. Now, I can’t stay away from metal work. I’m sure your piece came out just fine!

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